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Round up of the outrageous NYPD spies on Muslims stories

In case you missed it, please take a look at the following, important investigative journalism exposing NYPD surveillance of Muslims, for no reason other than the fact that they are Muslims.

  • Lawyers ask NYC judges for access to NYPD records on surveillance of Muslim communities, alleging that the police have been violating internal guidelines governing investigations based on political or religious affiliation. They have asked the judge to order the NYPD not to destroy documents or erase information from databases so they can determine whether the police are breaking their own rules.
  • Reda Shata, an NYC Muslim leader who has a long-running relationship with the NYPD and Mayor Mike Bloomberg, and has been publicly hailed as a government ally in the fight against extremism, was shocked to learn that the people he thought he was working with were spying on him the entire time. Turns out the NYPD has been following him around, and even paid an informant to track him, for years.
  • The NYPD's "Demographic Unit" and "Terrorist Interdiction Unit" have been spying on Muslims solely because they are Muslims. 
  • In hysterical terms, the NYPD describes its investigation of Moroccan immigrants in the city: after moving to New York, the immigrants would try to "blend in" to society, and stay "under the radar." Check out these documents to see just how ridiculous and wasteful these surveillance operations are. 
  • The NYCLU wants answers about how exactly the CIA and NYPD are working together to spy on Muslims in the city.
  • And finally, it appears as if the CIA is somewhat responsive to calls for investigating the agency's involvement with NYPD anti-Muslim surveillance. But what about the NYPD? Not so much.
  • But 7 Democratic state senators have asked the state AG to investigate. We shall see…

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