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Seattle police raid activist house, don’t make arrests

Photo credit (right): Steven Walling

This morning Seattle police raided a house where Occupy activists live, ransacking the apartment and yet leaving without making any arrests. According to a community website:

Early morning, July 10, SWAT police forced their way into the Seattle apartment of organizers from the Occupy movement. The sleeping residents scrambled to put on clothes as they were confronted automatic weapons.
The neighbor Natalio Perez heard the attack from downstairs: “Suddenly we heard the bang of their grenade, and the crashing as police entered the apartment. The crashing and stomping continued for a long time as they tore the place apart.”
After the raid, the residents pored over the papers handed them by a detective. One explained: “This warrant says that they were specifically looking for ‘anarchist materials’ — which lays out the political police state nature of this right there. In addition they were looking for specific pieces of clothing supposedly connected with a May First incident.
A SWAT raid to search for books or other literature? Seems a bit heavy handed, no? Yet another chapter in the unfolding saga of the militarization of the police. Paired with the undeclared but pervasive war on dissent, these trends spell trouble for democracy and free thought. Stay tuned for more information on this case as it unfolds.
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