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Security researchers can transmit information from computer to phone without wifi or Bluetooth

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You thought if you unplugged your computer from the internet it would be safe from prying eyes. You were wrong.

Researchers at Ben Gurion University cyber labs have created what they call "a breakthrough method (“AirHopper") for leaking data from an isolated computer to a mobile phone without the presence of a network."

In highly secure facilities the assumption today is that data can not leak outside of an isolated internal network. It is called air-gap security (full lecture on the topic by Prof. Yuval Elovici is here). The common policy in such secure organizations is to leave your mobile phone in some locker when you enter the facility and then pick it up when you go out. We at the cyber security labs challenged this assumption and found a way to leak data from a computer inside the organization to a remote a mobile phone without using Wifi or Bluetooth. “Such technique can be used potentially by people and organizations with malicious intentions and we want to start a discussion on how to mitigate this newly presented risk.” said Dudu Mimran CTO of the cyber security labs.

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