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Stratfor email suggests NSA involved in training Yemen paramilitaries

How does the NSA use the information it sucks up from around the world? There are probably lots of programs we won't ever know about, but we can be certain that the agency uses its formidable communications collections capabilities to assist the military (including JSOC) and the CIA in foreign targeting operations. 

A 2010 email from a Stratfor analyst, released by Wikileaks, suggests the NSA is also training foreign militaries in intelligence collection:

The Yemeni CT units are slowly (well, trying) to come up to speed. There's a body that was created about a year ago, called the OSSF – office of strategic security forces or something like that. It's 100,000 strong, trained by Jordanian and US intel, NSA. There's a change in attitude by Sanaa on the CT front. Whereas before, the US would provide the coordinates on a target and the Yemenis would stall and stall, now they're ready to take them out.
US citizen Anwar al Aulaqi (or Awlaki) was killed in Yemen by a US drone strike in September 2011. His sixteen year old, Denver-born son Abdulrahman was killed in a US strike only weeks later, in October of that year.
In his film Dirty Wars, journalist Jeremy Scahill describes how the Yemeni paramilitary forces have tried to kill the lawyer for imprisoned journalist Abdulelah Haider Shaye. Shaye is in prison at the request of President Obama, Scahill has reported.

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