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Sukey app helps you escape from the kettle!

Good to know there are techies on the side of the demonstrators, too. Last month there was a flurry of news around the release of the "I'm Getting Arrested" app, which sends an alert to family or friends, updates your Twitter announcing you've been snagged, and deletes the contents of your phone with the push of one button. Pretty neat.

But now there's an app to help you avoid getting arrested in the first place. The app package is called Sukey, and it's a crowdsourced intelligence product that enables demonstrators to keep tabs on the movements of police in real-time, to help people escape from getting ensared and then scooped up in police "kettling" traps. (Kettling is a fairly new practice in the United States and has been used regularly against OWS protesters in NYC. Basically it just means that the police surround a group of protesters, cut them off from the rest of the group, encircle them with netting, and then arrest them one by one. Kettling.)

Check it out. (Note: the app currently only serves London but the makers have plans to expand to other cities globally.)

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