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Supreme Court of New York State orders the city to allow OWS back to Liberty Plaza

Lawyers affiliated with the Liberty Park Legal working group at Occupy Wall Street filed an emergency injunction against the City, asking a judge to prevent the police from evicting protesters at Liberty Park. Of course, the eviction had already taken place, but this injunction prevents another eviction, and also prevents police from keeping people out of the park. The temporary injunction was served to Mayor Mike Bloomberg at 7:50 AM, but at a press conference ten minutes later, the Mayor appeared to have little interest in complying with the judge's orders. He said that the park was closed and will remain closed. Read the court's order here. There is another hearing in NYC today at 11:30 to determine whether the temporary injunction will be extended, and for how long. 

Check out this round-up of reports from journalists at Liberty Plaza, all of whom reported police suppression of their reporting. According to those tweets, some journalists were beaten and arrested.

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