Privacy SOS

Take action now to stop internet service providers from selling your records to your boss and the cops

Yesterday, the Senate passed a measure to overturn Obama-era FCC rules that prevent internet service providers like Comcast and Time Warner from using or selling your internet history records without your permission. Even worse, the measure approved by the Senate in a 50-48 vote would bar the FCC from ever instituting similar rules to protect your online privacy. (The vote was on partisan lines, with all but two Republicans voting in favor of the measure, and all Democrats voting no. Republican Senators Rand Paul and Johnny Isakson abstained.)

The vote is a terrible blow to internet privacy, but it’s not too late to fight back. We can and must act to stop this terrible proposal from becoming law. Call your congressperson right now to demand they vote NO on this dangerous proposal. Then sign this petition.

Have you ever searched for suicide prevention information? Looked up the symptoms for sexually transmitted infections? Visited pornography websites? Read an ISIS fan page, just to see what they’re saying? Searched for information about plan B or abortion services in your area? If the House passes this terrible measure enabling internet service providers to sell your records to the highest bidder, all of that information and much more could easily become public. Credit agencies could buy it. Employers could buy it. Even worse, law enforcement at every level—including immigration authorities—could buy it, enabling them to do an end run around the Fourth Amendment. 

We must stop this from happening. Take action now. 

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