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Targeting dissent: a novel approach to restricting anti-drone protests at Hancock Air Field

The Department of Defense and police in the area around the Hancock Air Field near Syracuse, NY appear to have implemented a novel method of stifling anti-drone war dissent.

The authorities have issued "protective orders" barring a number of antiwar activists from going anywhere near the base, including those areas that have been designated "free speech" zones for protest. Bizarrely, the protective orders are supposedly meant to guard a named soldier at the base, Earl A. Evans. None of the targeted activists have ever heard of Evans, let alone harassed or intimidated him with their non-violent antiwar activism. From David Swanson’s account:

When nonviolent activist Paul Frazier asked if the order to stay away from the base included staying away from the weekly permitted demonstration area across the street from the base, Onondaga County Sheriff’s Department Lieutenant Daily said that if the “victim,” Evans, finds it irritating then yes it would be a violation.  Sheriff’s Dept. Deputy Ferazolli then said, “I will do one better.  If I see you there I will arrest you, and it will be a felony.”

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