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The Bureau of Investigative Journalism’s Chris Woods on drone strikes

Among the presenters at the Drone Summit yesterday in Washington DC was Chris Woods, a journalist with the Bureau of Invesitgative Journalism (TBIJ). His reporting contributed to TBIJ's groundbreaking study on the effects of the US drone war on the ground in Pakistan, an inquiry other journalism outfits had not seen fit to explore.

Prior to their report, the US government's claims that drones enable a technocratic, precise kind of war could and largely did remain unchallenged in the United States. TBIJ's report broke through this facade and put the lie to the CIA's claims about civilian casualties. Among their most devastating findings was the revelation that the CIA repeatedly bombed rescue workers and funeral processions.

Take a look at the presentation Woods delivered yesterday. It contains some alarming statistics and insights about why the US press continues to give the CIA the benefit of the doubt, the TBIJ report notwithstanding.

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