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Thomas Drake, target of DOJ whistleblower prosecution, was right all along

The Project on Government Oversight has long sought a crucial Department of Defense Inspector General report on the Thomas Drake affair. Now, only after Drake agreed to plead to a misdemeanor, which he did only after the government's case fell apart, the DOD has released the report. Surprise, surprise: it proves Drake was telling the truth, and was simply trying to point out massive government waste. Worse, the waste was resulting in a reduction in the effectiveness of the NSA's spying programs, "Trailblazer" and "Thin Thread". As Empywheel reports:

…we now know that not only was the persecution of Tom Drake by the DOJ completely bogus and vindictive, Tom Drake was bloody well right about TRAILBLAZER versus THIN THREAD to start with.

Go to the Emptywheel report to watch Thomas Drake defend himself to "60 Minutes."

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