Privacy SOS

Thousands of Massachusetts residents call on legislature to tell cops: Get a warrant!

This week, the ACLU of Massachusetts delivered over 3,000 petition signatures to the President of the State Senate, Therese Murray, calling on her to move privacy legislation currently before the Joint Committee on Ways and Means.

Our petition demands action on three critical pieces of reform: the Drone Privacy Act, the License Plate Privacy Act, and the Electronic Privacy Act. The uniting theme behind the bills is that the Fourth Amendment needs a 21st century update, and that if the cops want to track us using advanced technology, they should first be required to get a warrant.

These are not difficult or radical proposals, and so it's a little hard to imagine why it's taking so long for the legislature to move the common sense reforms. In June, even the notoriously divided Supreme Court agreed 9-0 that the fundamental protections from the analog age must translate into the digital present. Other states have made progress passing good privacy law. Now it's our turn.

Thanks to everyone who signed the petition. If you want to help out, call Senate President Therese Murray right now and tell her that you want your electronic privacy!

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