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US Special Ops swarm Boston neighborhood elementary school in training drill

The Jamaica Plain Gazette (Boston) is reporting that U.S. Special Operations Command (USSOCOM) teams used helicopters in drills last month at a Massachusetts elementary school. The Agassiz School, a recently-closed elementary school in the Jamaica Plain neighborhood of Boston, was the site of secretive military training, disturbing neighbors who said they weren't informed of the impending helicopters and SWAT raids. The Gazette reached out to military spokesman Kim Tiscione:

The overall purpose of training in Boston was to practice urban military operations, Tiscione said. One reason for choosing Boston was that it is not commonly used like some other cities are, so it provides challenges for troops, she said. The citywide training wrapped up Aug. 5, and no further activity was planned for JP, she said.

Why is the US military agency that killed Usama bin Laden doing military exercises in US schools?

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