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Video shows journalist John Knefel’s arrest at OWS

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Journalist John Knefel was arrested while reporting on the September 17, 2012 Occupy Wall Street anniversary. In the video above, you can see a white shirt NYPD officer pull him off the sidewalk and into the street, where he's arrested.

Knefel wrote of his arrest:

The first time I was arrested as a journalist covering Occupy Wall Street was a long and nightmarish journey through the intake procedure of what is mistakenly referred to as our criminal justice system.
The second time I was arrested – on September 17th, 2012, the one-year anniversary of Occupy – my time in custody was significantly shorter, but that was due to dumb luck, not a sudden respect for the press from the NYPD. My friend Jesse Myerson, also a journalist, often says that the fundamental question regarding the NYPD is whether they are driven more by stupidity or cruelty. Regardless of the specific proportions in my interactions with them, there has often been a healthy mix of both.
Shortly after 3:30 p.m., a march departed from the red cube across from Liberty Square with the goal of reading the People's Gong – a passionate declaration of resistance to the supremacy of capital – at or around the intersection of William and Wall Street, close to the New York Stock Exchange.
After a lively march that I characterized on Twitter at the time as possibly the most festive I had ever seen for Occupy Wall Street, the protesters ended up at the corner of Nassau and Pine. The "ringing" of the People's Gong commenced, and shortly afterwards I was on the ground with an officer telling me, "it's all right, it's over now."

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