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Video the FBI does not want you to see

Please note that by playing this video YouTube and Google will place a long-term cookie on your computer.

The woman who made this video is a Texas activist who received two FBI agents at her door. The agents inquired about her lawful protest activity. Watch how she handles the interview.

Apparently the FBI keeps getting YouTube to remove the video, on the grounds that it infringes upon the privacy rights of the FBI agents involved. It has been removed and reposted repeatedly. Stunning. (h/t @RWwatchMA)

While the activist in the video above seems confident about her ability to handle the situation, we advise that you do not speak to agents if the FBI comes to your door. Simply ask for their contact information and say your lawyer will be in touch. Then contact your local ACLU affiliate or your attorney. 

UPDATE: The video keeps getting pulled from the internet, but people keep reposting it. Here's the latest repost.

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