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Violent arrests, rumors of DHS involvement and the dreaded LRAD

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There are rumors flying around Twitter that the Department of Homeland Security is at Liberty Plaza in NYC, perhaps helping NYPD orchestrate the best manner in which to disobey a clear order from a judge to allow protesters back into the park? If anyone has photo evidence of DHS presence, either vehicles or people, at Liberty Plaza, please tweet them at @ACLU_Mass. Also, if you were arrested at OWS or feel that your rights were violated there, please contact the NYCLU at protest [at] nyclu [dot] org.

Russia Today has a report about the use of a sound cannon, the LRAD, at Liberty Plaza late last night. Here's an image of the LRAD in the back of a truck, taken by a Twitter user:

Here's another image, this one from about 11 AM today at Liberty Plaza. The police filming demonstrators being kept outside of the park.

Another image from Twitter, this one of someone who appears to be a US veteran, bloodied, being arrested:

And a strange report from a reporter on Twitter. Are the police keeping people locked inside their homes in the vicinity of Liberty Plaza?

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