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“We’re gonna go out there, and we’re gonna violate some rights”

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  • "WE'RE GONNA GO OUT THERE, AND WE'RE GONNA VIOLATE SOME RIGHTS": The Nation put together a fabulous video containing audio a young man recorded during one of the 1,800 stop and frisks the NYPD conducts every day. (Watch the video above and listen to the full audio recording here.) The officer in the recording told him he was being stopped because he looked behind him at a police car, which apparently is "suspicious." One of the officers threatened to break his arm and punch him in the face. The officers threatened to arrest him. Why? Because he is "fucking mutt," said an officer. Read the NYCLU's report on the racist stop and frisk program.
  • SCOTUS REFUSES TO HEAR TELECOM IMMUNITY SPYING CHALLENGE: The Supreme Court has declined to hear an appeal challenging Section 802 of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act, which granted immunity to companies that colluded with the NSA in illegal surveillance. The challenge, Hepting et al. v. AT&T Corp et al, is one of a number of cases seeking to challenge warrantless wiretapping that are winding their way through the court system. The Supreme Court will decide whether clients in an ACLU suit, Amnesty et al. v. Clapper, have standing to challenge the warrantless wiretapping. The government says the ACLU's clients lack standing because they can't prove they were spied on. 
  • CHILDREN IN AUBURN, MA PLAYED ON A SWAT BEARCAT: A Central Massachusetts SWAT team brought a small tank, called a BearCat, to show off to kindergarden and first and second grade children at Bryn Mawr elementary school in Auburn. “It’s a real fun day for the kids. They get to see every vehicle that the town gets to use, and what boy or girl doesn’t like big trucks and police cars,” said the head custodian at the school and the lead organizer of the event. The school's "resource officer" — a uniformed police officer assigned to the elementary school — put the children in the back of a police car. “They sit back there on the plastic seats and say ‘Wow! This isn’t comfortable,’ ” he said. Read more.
  • FACEBOOK ALLOWS ADVERTISERS, RANDOM PEOPLE TO LOOK YOU UP FROM YOUR PHONE NUMBER: Not sure who it was who just called you? Plug their phone number into Facebook's search bar. Chances are you'll find out soon enough. Read Forbes' Kashmir Hill on the latest Facebook privacy disaster.
  • MAN ARRESTED IN PLOT TO BLOW UP 48 CHURCHES CHARGED UNDER STATE LAW: Typically the federal government handles serious terrorism cases, but a 23 year old man accused of plotting to blow up 48 churches in Oklahoma will be charged under the state anti-terrorism law. Is it because he is non-Muslim? Read about how double standards distort the judicial process.

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