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West Philly house creates spooky surveillance themed ‘haunted porch of doom’ for Halloween

Activist and educator Pete Tridish and friends made a spooky, surveillance and government-repression themed haunted porch for the West Philly community this Halloween. It features drones that kill people the government says are terrorists, the ghost of Steve Jobs (he wants your data), a "phishing scheme", and Total Information Awareness.  

Tridish writes:

There is nothing scarier this halloween than what Edward Snowden and the other whistleblowers have revealed to us about how our government and corporations spy on us. For over 15 years, (k)notsquat and cindergarden- two activist group houses in west philly- have hosted a haunted porch for halloween trick-or-treaters. Hundreds of kids from all around philly line up to go through the haunted porch of doom every year. This year, the theme was invasion of privacy over the internet.
from the flyer that was put in with the candy that was dropped into the kids bags for trick- or treat:
The National Security Agency is keeping records of every phone call that anyone makes, anywhere.
Apple, Google, Facebook and other corporations keep track of every move that anyone makes on-line.
US military drones fly around the world snooping on people, killing civilians and then labeling them as terrorists to justify it.
The government uses our taxes for all these things, but they can't find enough money for education…so the schools become a pipeline to the prison system. There always seems to be enough money to spy on us, incarcerate us, and fight wars.
Next time you go online and give the powers that be an opportunity to peek at you, give them a little scare: don't just go to companies like google and facebook…
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