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Who benefits from the Bradley Manning prosecution?

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The Bradley Manning trial is about to come to a close, and sentencing is likely to begin as early as next week. Close trial observer and Bradley Manning Support Network organizer Nathan Fuller today predicted that Manning will be convicted of the charges he is facing, including the controversial 'aiding the enemy' charge.

The ACLU's Ben Wizner has said that a conviction on the 'aiding the enemy' charge would be unconstitutional: 

The charge, which is akin to treason and is punishable by death, is separate from the charges that Manning has already pled guilty to — that he leaked sensitive documents to people unauthorized to receive them. The government’s inclusion of this charge raises enormous problems, and a conviction of Manning in these circumstances would be unconstitutional.

In the above video, produced by Reason, independent journalist Alexa O'Brien, Courthouse News' Adam Klasfeld, and Newsweek's Eli Lake debate the charges facing Manning, the significance of his leaks amidst rampant government secrecy, the alleged damange his leaks caused to 'national security,' and the future of press freedom in the United States. It's an interesting and often spirited debate. Check it out.

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