Privacy SOS

Wiretap amendments are back. We only have a few hours to act to stop them.

The Massachusetts House is set to vote on a criminal justice reform bill today. Advocates of new surveillance powers are pushing hard to pass wiretap amendments on the House side, despite their defeat in the Senate late last month.

Please take action now to tell your elected representative to oppose new wiretapping powers. Tell them new surveillance authorities shouldn’t be tacked on last minute to a bill meant to address mass incarceration. 

Last month, your voice mattered. Together, our voices opposing new surveillance powers rang loud and clear, and we beat the most powerful interests in the state, who have been pushing for new wiretap authorities for years.

Now we need to raise our voices again—even louder. This blog post I wrote about the wiretap amendments on the Senate side explains the core problems with the House wiretap amendments. That’s because the amendments considered in the House pose basically the same threats posed by those the Senate, thanks to your advocacy, rejected in late October.  

The offensive wiretap amendments on the House side are amendments 53, 105, 115, and 174. 

Tell your lawmaker: No new wiretap powers! And spread the word. We only have a few hours to act; make your voice count.


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