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Woman suing police over ‘undercover lover’ scandal finds tracking device on her car

Just when you think things can't get more ridiculous in the government surveillance space…

The Guardian:

One of the women who is suing the police after discovering that her former boyfriend was an undercover police officer has found a tracking device in her car, it has been reported.

The woman – known as Lily – had a two-year relationship with Mark Kennedy without knowing his real identity.

She is part of a group of women taking legal action against the police for the emotional trauma they suffered after forming intimate relationships with men who were later revealed to be spies.

Here and here she describes how Kennedy moved in with her and became involved in “pretty much every aspect of my life”.

The woman discovered the device while she was at the Circumvention Tech Festival to discuss government surveillance and censorship.

Her UK lawsuit over the 'undercover lover' scandal faces a steep uphill battle. British prosecutors have refused to file rape charges against the undercover police officers who had sex with their marks under false pretenses.

The governemnt claims the practice of allowing undercover police to have sex and intimate relationships with their activist targets is appropriate. Officials have argued that left-wing women are promiscuous, and expect their male colleagues to engage in sex. Therefore, the argument goes, any men who don't sleep with women in the activist community might be easily identified as undercover police.

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