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Women bring challenge against London police for sending undercover officers to have sex with them

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I just came across these videos while reading about the ongoing litigation in the UK against the Metropolitan police department, related to its red-squad undercover infiltration of left-wing movements in London and beyond. They look really interesting and well worth watching (full disclosure, though: I can't vouch for them, because I haven't yet watched them).

The underlying scandal that sparked the lawsuit in the UK is breathtaking. Essentially, deep undercover officers working for the police department not only had sexual relationships with women they targeted for surveillance, but even had children with their marks. I've written about this before, as have lots of others. It's spooky stuff, made worse by the government's response when the scandal broke. After they were forced to investigate the practice, the government found police were justified in allowing undercover officers to have sex with and even bear children with the women they were paid to monitor. Why? (Prepare yourself for this stunner. Take a deep breath.)

The practice is justified, the government found, because left-wing women are notoriously sexually loose, and therefore anyone who doesn't have sex with them could be easily identified as a cop. Really.

One of the women challenging the surveillance was in a relationship with an undercover cop for four years. The woman, identified only as 'Alison', wrote this in the Guardian: 

I am one of eight women currently taking legal action against the commissioner of the Metropolitan police. We were all deceived into long-term intimate relationships with undercover police officers who were infiltrating environmental and social justice campaign groups. From 1995 until 2000 I was in a relationship with Mark Jenner, who I knew as Mark Cassidy – a joiner from Birkenhead.

We were members of the Colin Roach Centre, an independent political group that had exposed police corruption in the early 1990s and promoted trade union, anti-fascist politics. For four years we lived together in what I believed was a monogamous relationship. I have since found out he was married with children at the time. 

Here are some other good reads on what's going on pertaining to the related lawsuit in the UK today: one, two, three. And check out the three part video documentary on the London police's red squad operations, too. Part one is embedded above. You can find parts two and three on YouTube, as well.

If all of that doesn't whet your appetite for "holy wow the London police are messed up!" stories, check this out, from 2013: "Police spies stole identities of dead children". Good old London police, where there's no limit to what they'll do in the noble quest to stop climate change activists from effective organizing. Bless their bloody hearts.

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