Privacy SOS

Malika Sahni (a pseudonym) filed a spousal petition for her husband to come to Boston from Pakistan. He first flew to New York’s Kennedy airport.

“The immigration officials made him wait forever, and kept sending him to different places without telling him anything,” she says. “Finally they told him to sign this document. His English isn’t that great and he asked the officer what the document said. He was told ‘just sign it!’  He ended up signing the document without knowing what it was. Then the officer told him, ‘Get lost motherf***er.  You should f***ing go back to your country.’”

She says her husband remained calm because he didn’t want to be arrested or sent back. Afterwards, she sent a letter to the Immigration office detailing what happened.  They never replied.

Shortly afterwards, her husband applied for a window cleaning job. He was interviewed and the interview went well. He passed the drug test. Then the owner of the company called him and asked him, ‘Are you from Pakistan?’ When he replied yes, he was told he wasn’t being hired because the position had been filled. A week later, the company advertised again for the position.

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