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Salma Daoud (a pseudonym) is a US citizen and college student.

“People assume that because I wear a hijab I don’t speak English.  But I was born here.  People need to learn things for themselves and not just follow stereotypes.”

She says that many people seem to think she was forced into wearing a hijab.  She thinks that wearing it will affect her chances of finding a job once she is out of college.  Already it has made it difficult for her to get a part-time job since “every company wants to have a certain image, and I don’t fit in.”

She wants people to reflect on how they are treating Muslims.  “If anything was to happen, we’d be public enemy number one.  People need to remember that not all Muslims are crazy.  It is unfair that Muslims are treated this way.  If  a non-Muslim does something crazy, they don’t all get the same treatment.”

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