Privacy SOS

View Occupy Boston — Dewey Square, South Station, Fed Reserve in a larger map

  • Blue pins are dome cameras we think are Pan/Tilt/Zoom (go here for more info)
  • Red pins are privately controlled cameras
  • Green pins are narrower cameras we think are IP cameras, but likely have other features like Pan/Tilt/Zoom

Help us get a sense of how many surveillance cameras are watching our every movement by showing us where you find cameras. Together we can assemble a picture of how many cameras watch us every day.

How can you help? Document every surveillance camera you see in the area of the encampment, and let us know about it! To build the most comprehensive map possible we ask you to send us the following:

  1. The coordinates of the camera in question (please send in the form of a street address and zipcode or GPS coordinates); and
  2. A photo of the camera, if possible.

Don't worry about the photo if you can't send one. Email your information to kcrockford [at] aclum [dot] org, and thanks for your help!

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