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Op-Eds written by ACLUm Staff

Nancy Murray, Director of Public Education

Talks given by ACLUm Staff and Friends

Carol Rose, Executive Director, ACLUm

  • On fusion centers: “How Big Brother is Getting Bigger in the Digital Age,” November, 2010

Nancy Murray, Director of Public Education and author of the report “Surveillance in the Age of Total Information Awareness”

  • On FBI raids: “FBI Raids and the Surveillance State,” 12/17/10
  • On the supposed “Muslim Threat“: “A Closer Look at the 'Muslim Threat,'” 6/26/11
  • On surveillance, history and present: “Surveillance, Yesterday and Today,” 2/6/10

Christopher H. Pyle, Professor of Politics at Mt. Holyoke College and former ACLUm Board Member

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