Privacy SOS

Our 2019-2020 legislative agenda is inspired by the Bill of Rights and the Declaration of Rights in our Massachusetts Constitution. Through state legislative advocacy, we aim to defend and extend key constitutional principles, including privacy, equality, democracy, and justice for all. The ACLU supports the following privacy bills currently before the Massachusetts legislature.

Face Surveillance Moratorium

Sen. Creem (S.1385) | Rep. Rogers (H.1538)

Press “pause” on government use of face surveillance and other at-a-distance biometric tracking technologies, until the legislature passes rigorous protections for due process, privacy, free speech and association, and racial, gender, and religious equity, and mandates auditing to ensure accuracy and fight bias.

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Electronic Privacy Act

Sen. Chandler (S.861) | Rep. Peake (H.3422)

Update legal protections from searches and seizures to make sure they keep pace with technology. Require a warrant for the government to access information about your private phone and internet use.

Administrative Subpoena Transparency

Sen. Creem (S.889) | Rep. Straus (H.1567)

Require public reporting about prosecutors’ secret requests to access your communication history from phone and internet companies without judicial review.

Read the ACLU’s report on the secretive use of administrative subpoenas in Massachusetts.

Artificial Intelligence Commission

Sen. Lewis (S.1876) | Rep. Garballey (H.2701)

Convene a commission of experts to study the use of computer-aided government decision making on matters from criminal justice to child welfare.

License Plate Privacy Act
Rep. Straus (H.3141) | Rep. Hecht (H.3036)

License Plate Readers (LPRs) scan thousands of license plates daily and store information indefinitely about where and when you drive. These proposals would protect innocent people from limitless government tracking of their driving and from private misuse of their LPR data.

Electronic Tolling Privacy Act

Sen. Lesser (S.161) | Rep. Decker (H.1380) | Rep. Straus (H.3148)

Require law enforcement to obtain probable cause warrants before obtaining electronic tolling records.

Biometric Data Security
Sen. Barrett (S.98) | Rep. Mariano (H.287)

Expand existing safeguards for personal information held by corporations and government agencies to include unique biometric identifiers (for example, fingerprints used to log on to a computer or for the new “Apple Pay” service).

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