Privacy SOS

Urge the state Congressional delegation to support the USA FREEDOM Act.

The USA FREEDOM Act provides our best chance yet at reining in dragnet NSA surveillance. Help get the entire Massachusetts Congressional delegation on board to support it.


No warrant for your email? Outrageous! 

Did you know that police and prosecutors can obtain your old emails and text messages with a simple subpoena? That's because our digital communications law is stuck in the big-hair era. Take action to upgrade the Electronic Communications Privacy Act!


In the face of massive, indiscriminate government spying on our personal communication, it's time for Massachusetts to once again lead on liberty—and pass strong state-level privacy protections.

Amplify your voice with offline activism! Print a copy of this petition and a fact sheet to gather signatures at community events or wherever you go.


Urge your legislators to stop license plate tracking in its tracks.

Police departments around the state are rapidly expanding their use of automatic license plate readers to track the location of drivers. But there are few meaningful rules in place to protect drivers' privacy rights. Let's preserve the freedom of the open road.


Urge your legislators to pass the Drone Privacy Act, which bans weaponized drones in our state and requires a warrant for drone surveillance.


Tell your state legislators to reject new eavesdropping powers.

We face a proposal here in Massachusetts to expand government's power to listen in on our communications under state wiretap law.

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